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Sikh Relief
Supporting TODAY for a better TOMORROW!


Sikh Relief is a registered charity in England and Wales, Registration Number: 1125370. Formally known as, Sikh Organisation for Prisoner Welfare (SOPW), the charity has expanded upon its original scope; whereby SOPW only supported the welfare of Sikh political prisoners and their families.

The overall focus of Sikh Relief provide help and assistance to the poor, needy and destitute predominantly in India but also worldwide where there is a need.

We are pleased to announce that Sikh Relief is working on the following projects:

1.   Disaster Relief Work

2.   Medical aid for the poor and needy

3.   Children’s Education for the poor and needy

4.   Supporting the Environment

5.   Promoting and maintaining Sikh Values/Ideals

6.   Self sufficiency and sustainability

7.   Welfare for Sikh Political prisoners and their families


The step to expand upon the scope of SOPW and to re-brand the charity to Sikh Relief, was taken upon the demand of our supporters who, since last year, have encouraged us  to undertake relief projects that were not linked to political prisoners. The tried and proven formula of SOPW means that our supporters have built a firm trust in the mechanics of the organization and under the banner of Sikh Relief we can extend upon the good work already carried out by SOPW, and look to make a worldwide model on supporting people and situations where there is a demand, need and a real opportunity to make a difference. 






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