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Sikh Relief Providing Financial Support

Children Education Project

Bani Kaur Bhenjee fundraising for Sikh Relief

Tejinder Singh Dillon denied entry

Manchester Terrorist Attack

Sikh Relief providing financial assistance

Sikh Relief helps Shaheed family to repay their overdue loan repayments 

Planting a tree in the memory of Shaheed Bhai Krishan Bhagwan Singh Ji

Rajwinder Kaur’s cancer treatment continues to be supported by Sikh Relief 

Southall UK Sewadaars have arranged a 4 day Dharmic Programme in relation to 350 years of Guru Goblnd Singh Ji' Parkash Divas. Please attend.

Vir Kaur, widow and mother of five daughters, provided with support in her time of need

Monthly support is provided to Bhai Harchand Singh's family, currently confined in High Security Nahba jail. 

Under the command of Jathedar Banda Singh Bahadar Jee, the Sikhs formed the Sikh Kingdom on the 14th of May 1710.

Sikh Relief fulfil the educational fees for the children of Harchand Singh Mari Kamboke ( Nihang Ajit Phoola case )

Sikhi Camps in India

Turban tying training camps are being organized in different villages of Punjab continuously by Sikh Relief. 

Sikh Relief team deliverers cool water to the locals in Punjab surviving in hot weather conditions. 

Joga, Nihang, the close associate of the murderous fake Nihang, Ajit Phoola, and member of the paid police vigilante gang that massacred the family of Sdr Joga Singh Khanpur’s has had his petition for bail heard at the High Court.

Support Shaheed Bhai Balwinder Singh Jatana's Niece

Sikh Relief continue helping to pay the fees of Bibi Amanpreet Kaur's studies for the past four years, a niece of Shaheed Bhai Balwinder Singh Jatana.

Trees provides us with oxygen. Please don't let anyone cut your lifeline. Plant more trees 🌲 

The temperature in Panjab is rising day by day is an evidence of our negligence. 

H@wara's new fight for medical treatment

Bhai Jagtar Singh H@wara, remanded in Tihar Jail (Delhi), is fighting a new battle for his basic rights to treatment for spinal injuries sustained during heavy interrogation.

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