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Bhai Daya Singh Lahoria acquitted on both charges
Bhai Daya Singh Lahoria incarcerated in Tihar jail has been acquitted on both charges against him due to lack of evidence and witnesses. Court proceedings were held via video conference presided over by judge S.K.Arora. In the first case Bhai Lahoria & Ram Bali who worked for Rycote Nagar Council were charged under the Arms Act in Rycote. On 3rd Aug 1995 they were declared missing. 

Bhai Narain Singh Chaura appeared in court on 30th April along with Bhai Pal Singh France, they are both accussed in false cases relating to arms posessesion, the police claimed that firearms were found dumped in a river in a pind near Karnal. 

Bhai Gurjant Singh (pictured) appeared in Patiala Court yesterday for his case hearing along with co-acussed Bhai Darshan Singh, Bhai Jagmohan Singh, Bhai Daljit Singh and Bhai Amarjit Singh. They are accused in a case relating to the elimination of Rulda Singh the then RSS leader. One of the police officers were cross examined and asked to appear again for further questioning on 13th May 2013.

Self Determination – Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara
New Delhi 3 May : Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara was produced in Delhi court under very tight police security along with Bhai Surinder Singh. Upon his arrival Bhai Hawara was able to briefly meet with his family members during which an unfortunate incident took place when a police inspector pushed Bhai Hawara’s sister and used foul language. The police always find new ways to harass Sikhs who are present in the court. For example, Jailer Vimal Kishore confiscated the camera and Phone from Bhai Hawara’s family members as they were taking photos of him returning to Jail. 

Bhai Manjinder Singh in high spirits as always.
Bhai Manjinder Singh has been imprisoned in Nabha Jail for the last three years in connection to a false police case relating to the 2007 Ludhiana bomb blast.

Jaswinder Singh appeared in court last week in a case relating to the 2007 Shangar bomb blast, he is accused with a group of other Sikhs including Bhai Manjinder Singh (see our last post). This is a false police case for which twenty-five year old Jaswinder Singh has been held in remand for the last three years awaiting a decision. 

Bhai Harminder Singh – ”Sarabjit Singh was a puppet of the Sikh enemy”

Bhai Harminder Singh (pictured left) imprisoned in Nabha Jail in a recent press statement spoke regarding the Indian citizen that died whilst imprisoned in Pakistan. He clarified that Sarabjit was a terrorist who was sent to Pakistan to kill Sikhs. He explained that when Sarabjit was arrested the addresses of Sikhs residing there and location maps were found in his possession.

Harminder Singh also went on to say that he could understand why Hindustani groups and anti-Pakistani organisations would highlight Sarabjit Singhs case but failed to understand why Sikhs highlighted this tobacco consuming, puppet of our enemy. Harminder Singh also pointed out that our Panjabi media should pay more attention to sensible pro-Sikh news reporting rather than copying the Hindu media because nowadays no Hindu media outlet ever broadcasts anything that could be deemed favourable for Sikhs

Bhai Baljeet Singh Bhau & Bibi Kamaljeet Kaur statements
Bhai Lahoria, Sukhi, Bhau and Bhai Mankiya arrive at court under tight police security …
New Delhi – 10th May (Manpreet Singh Khalsa): today Bhai Daya Singh Lahoria and Bhai Baljeet Singh Bhau arrived in Delhi court under tight security of the Delhi police and Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Sukhi and Bhai Tarlochan Singh Mankiya (who are on bail) arrived under Punjab police security. 

Bhai Amarjit Singh has been imprisoned for 3 years in Hoshiarpur Prison. Through your help & support SOPW have been able to provide family support, prisoner welfare, medical aid and sponsor the children’s education.

Please watch the interview on YouTube.

No Bail for Bhai Kulvir Singh Heera – Because he is a Sikh?
Advocate Jaspal Singh Manjhpur
District Court, Ludhiana
It would be a miracle if Sikhs could get justice from the Indian judicial system. Sikhi has taken injustice after injustice yet Sikhs are not even recognised as Sikhs. Or we could say that the weight of injustice on the Sikhs is so heavy that if we do not fight against this now then Sikhs will not even be able to look Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji in the eyes.

“By declaring Sarbjit Singh a national hero Badal has followed RAW’s recommendation” – Narain Singh Chaura.
Amritsar – Lodged at Amritsar’s Central Jail Bhai Narain Singh who is facing several false cases against him has said that by India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Chief Minister of Punjab Parkash Singh Badal declaring Sarbjit a national hero and a brave son of India, giving him a state funeral and declaring 3 days of national mourning is a RAW (Indian Intelligence Agency) recommendation which they followed in a bid to boost the morale of their agents. 

On Thursday 23rd May 2013 Baba Bakhsish Singh, Jasvir Singh, Pargat Singh (3 in Nabha Jail) and Harjant Singh (Patiala Jail appeared in court for the police case FIR No. 08 Dated 25-01-2010, U/S 3, 4, 5 Exp. Subs. Act, PS Sudhar, Distt.Ludhiana in Court of Sh Hari Singh Grewal ASJ Ludhiana. 

We are delighted to bring you the news of the bail release of Bhai Amarjit Singh.

Bhai Amarjit Singh a father of two from Hoshiarpur earned a humble yet adequate living running a small Dharmic shop by day selling Sikhi related merchandise and literature, by night he worked locally as a security guard. On a night in May 2010 he was picked up from his home by plain clothed police officers, blindfolded and taken to a police station. 

BREAKING NEWS – Bhai Major Singh imprisoned in a false police case at the age of 14 is released after 23 Years.
SOPW are delighted to announce the release of Bhai Major Singh who is believed to have been the longest serving Sikh political prisoner, serving in total twenty three years and one month in jail despite being totally innocent. SOPW have been supporting Bhai Major Singh since he first came to our attention in 2009. We would like to thank those who also contributed in securing the release including Ex-Jathedar Jasbir Singh Rode, Bhai Parmjit Singh Dhadhi, Bhai Rajinderpal singh (R.P Singh) Adv Jaspal Singh Manjhpur and many others.

A New Zealand Sikh community leader who had been arrested in India on terrorism charges has been released after spending two months in prison.

Manpreet Singh, a former president of the New Zealand Sikh Society Auckland and a JP, had faced multiple false charges including alleged involvement in seditious activities and attempted murder of a jail guard.

Statement re 6th June 1984 – Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara
In rememberance of June 1984 – let us recognise our responsibilities
Khalsa Ji, it was the month of June 1984, when the Gangu brahmin’s brood sitting on Delhi’s throne attacked Sri Harminder Sahib in an attempt to make Sikh’s realise their place. This attack was a statement that this country is for Hindus and if the Sikhs want to live in it then they have to be slaves. If they ask about rights their reply will be delivered via guns and tanks.

For the first time after five and a half years imprisonment, on Monday evening Bhai Baljeet Singh Bhau walked out from Tihar jail without shackles and without the tight security of armed police officers and straight into the arms of his awaiting father S. Dilip Singh who had travelled from Panjab along with his other son Bhai Gurpeet Singh and our SOPW volunteer to greet him, surrounded by crowds of well-wishers. Our volunteer described the moment Bhai Baljeet Singh emerged from inside the prison as being truly surreal.

SOPW are delighted to announce the bail release of Bhai Baljeet Singh Bhau. Bhai Baljeet Singh has been incarcerated in Tihar Jail New Delhi since 2008 accused of the attempted murder of the fake Sirsa Wala Baba – Ram Rahim. The bail application was initially submitted by our lawyer Adv Manjinder Singh over six months ago but in light of the continued needless delays during the proceedings and at times the attitude of the presiding judges we were beginning to lose hope that the application would at all be accepted. 

Bhai Baljeet Singh Bhau stops at a dhaba on his return to Panjab having learnt that what the Judge had passed as a bail was later changed to a three month parole, he also releases a press statement thanking SOPW, condemning Parmjit Sarna and has a message for Sri Akal Takht Sahibs Jathedar.

While we all will be remembering and respectfully commemorating the shaheeds of the Sikh nation this month, SOPW would also like to bring to your attention, 

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