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Gurmukh Singh is just one of those prisoners, whose name many in the community, will not even have heard of. Yet he has been in prison for over five years, falsely charged and forcefully separated from his family and loved ones.

Gurmukh Singh (son of Late Piara Singh) is a resident of the village Mehima Pandori, in district Amritsar. In July 2010 he was arrested by Panjab police and falsely charged with possession of illegal weapons, under Sections 3/4/5 of the Explosives Act and Sections 25/54/59 of the Arms Act.

Police fabricated a story that as a 'militant' member of Babbar khalsa International, Gurmukh Singh was captured with 15 kg of RDX in his possession. As well as this, they planted AK 47's and 100 cartridges on him.

Along with Gurmukh Singh, Bhai Pal Singh France, Kulwant Singh Varpal (who was subsequently set alight in his prison cell), Jagtar Singh and Darshan Singh Dhadi were also named as co-accused in this case.

Since the Police have turned Gurmukh Singh into a target of oppression, Sikh Relief (SOPW) has been continually fighting his case. Apart from the expenses involved in his legal and prison welfare, we provide monthly financial support to Bhai Gurmukh Singh's family which consists of his wife Amarjit Kaur, his daughter Rajvinder Kaur and two sons Jasmail Singh and Gurmail Singh. Since 2010, Sikh Relief have been fully committed to paying the annual education fees for the three children, so their studies could continue uninterrupted and the children's suffering be minimised. Sikh Relief deals with hundreds of cases like Gurmukh Singh's, where not only are we deeply concerned with the political prisoner, but just as much concerned for the 4, 5 or even 10 family members, that are attached and dependent on them.

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