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Dhan Sikhi!

Today in 1704 the Sikhs vacated Anandpur Sahib after solemn oaths of a truce. They were then attacked by Mughal & Hindu Hill Chiefs combined forces once again.

Leading to many falling Shaheed at Sarsa river & loss of much history. The Gurdwara pictured is of the site of Parivaar Vichora, separation of the Khalsa family. Small Sahibzade & Mata Gujar Kaur Jee were separated here. Although we have litterally thousands of incidents that prove Brahmanic thought has be cunningly attempting to destroy Sikh Dharam from inception...we still have those who think the ferangi is the only enemy.
Ferangi hasn't doctored our scriptures by attempting to create rivalry for our SachaGuru, attacked our Gurdham, try to absorb Sikhi into their system or destroy our calendered record of significant events in history.

Poh da maheena.
A time where I get to stay off work, enjoy the relaxed company of my family, watching and doing heartwarming things and having the opportunity to balance the happy festivities with the reality of Sikh experience and history with my children.

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