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-Learn to Earn see lives revolutionised

Sikh Relief has accomplished the task of sourcing raw material from Mumbai, Maharashtra and had it delivered to the six Learn to Earn centres currently training the first batch of 200 lady apprentices.

The ladies of the Madhya Pardesh Sikligar community are being schooled in the arts of tailoring and sewing for garments.

The course lasts six months and upon completion each graduate receives a sewing machine and is able to immediately begin earning to help feed and house their family.

The delivery of materials has ensured the first batch of Kirat Kamai students are going to be fully equipped to complete the course and the only thing stopping them now is their own personal circumstances, some of which are heartbreaking.

With the support of the Sangat and the dedication of the Sikh Relief team, the lives of these beautiful ladies will not only be revolutionised but empowered.

Support us to support them and together we create a better world, little by little.
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