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Sukhpreet Singh cremated amidst suspicion of State murder ~ a deeply painful and heartbreaking farewell to a son from a family in deep anguish

According to the statement on Sunday from the Nabha Max Jail authorities, Bhai Sukhpreet Singh, 23 years old, on remand awaiting trial under the successor legislation of the infamously draconian TADA laws, the Prevention of Illegal Activity Act (UAPA), had died suddenly and his 'death was caused by heart attack'.
The family continue to believe Sukhpreet Singh’s death by an injection of a hitherto unknown substance and not a heart attack as claimed. They say that he had foamed at the mouth almost immediately after the injection was administered and don’t believe for one second that their son died of a heart attack.

As Sukhpreet Singh's last rites and funeral ceremony was performed today with the pain and anguish of the entire family fully exposed, raw and evident.
“How can we accept this? Our young son, who was caught and imprisoned by the police in a false case, was executed in jail” said Sardar Hardeep Singh, father of the 23 year old amateur Kabbadi playing youth arrested and remanded since age 22 in 2017.
The family has said they had been awaiting his return, if only on bail, but have been left utterly devastated having “received only lies and our sons body, increasing the family's pain untold.”
The tragedy to which Sukhpreet Singh's family have been subjected is the ultimate test of any family and their faith in the Almighty Waheguru.
They’ve become the latest in a line of hundreds of thousands of Sikh families victim to murders, deaths and disappearances of their sons by the state authorities of Panjab continuously and consistently since the late 1970’s.
Sikh Relief is committed to standing with Sardar Hardeep Singh’s family and support them in any way we can in their pursuit of justice.
Supporting Today For A Better Tomorrow.
Sikh Relief.

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