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Harman Kaur

This is an urgent appeal to help sponsor this young girl who has had the most horrific start to her life; one which no child should have to suffer and endure.
Her name is Har Man , which means she has a place in each and every heart.

This maybe be true now, but 12 year old Harman Kaur has had a life even the worst horror movie could not portray for fear of being considered too unrealistic.
Abandoned by her mother, she was forced to live a life on a permanent road trip with her truck driving father and often left alone in her village home without any security to her well-being.
Her father being a drug addict and incapable of looking after himself let alone raising a child. One of Her distance relative attempted to murder little Harman by throwing her into the local canal, miraculously she was saved.
For her safety she was then taken into the care of her paternal family, only to be subject to inhuman mistreatment and savagery.
Upon seeing the bruises and other marks in her little body, other worried relatives then wrested her from the clutches of her abusive captors.
The well meaning relatives tried to help her and realised they lacked the financial capacity to clothe, feed and educate her, so ended up taking her to their local school for help. The relatives told the school staff that they could not afford to educate her or give her the basic needs that growing up child requires. They requested that if the young girl could be taken and admitted at nearby orphanage center.
That school is the Shaheed Academy of Bhaggupur, where Sikh Relief has been supporting their infrastructure and student welfare for years.
The school called us for help and we have advised them that they should not put her in any orphanage center but should enroll the child in this "Shaheed academy" as a student, the family who she is staying with should continue to keep her with them and Sikh Relief pledges to support the family with financial assistance and school fees.
As heartrending as this story is, it's one that is all too familiar and each case reminds us that the "me too" movement and recognising women's rights and our obligations towards them is something that is not only the morally correct to do, but the Khalsa thing to do.
We appeal to you to help sponsor and support this young girl to strive to be the best version or herself under the guidance and education provided by the Shaheed Academy.

Supporting Today For A Better Tomorrow.
Sikh Relief.

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