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India's new false arms case against innocent Mitha Singh - desperate attempt to justify life sentence

Bhai Arvinder Singh (referred to as Mitha (sweet) Singh by friends and family) has today been taken from prison by the Panjab Police allegedly in connection with arms offences.
The fact is not lost that he is one of three Singh’s convicted of waging war against the Union States of India and sentenced to life imprisonment without any evidence of such a preposterous accusation offered by the prosecution at trial.

For the last three days India’s entire judicial system and the corrupt and politicised agencies of law have been scrutinised and condemned by legal experts and human rights organisations from around the world as a public movement in Punjab has shown serious signs of forming.
The question remains, how can the war be waged without any kind of weapons being in their possession whatsoever? How is the life sentence given for keeping only the literature?
India, true to its own self decided policy toward the Sikh community it has chosen not to rectify the damage of of a false case with truth but rather reacted to this universal condemnation of the judiciary and Panjab Police by taking an innocent man and preparing to implicate him in a new weapon case.
On 9th February, Arvinder Singh has been brought to Balachaur police station and remanded in police custody under sections 25,54 and 59 of the Arms Act.
It is important to recognise that Arvinder Singh and his co accused have been in prison since May 2016. Yet this ‘arms’ case has not been mentioned in almost 3 years, even when the court was sentencing the Sikhs to life imprisonment for having widely available reading materials.
Is Arvinder Singh being kept in jail or being tortured?
The notorious Punjab Police is accustomed to do such illegal acts and the Government of India has a proven track record of ignoring if not encouraging such lawlessness against minorities.
This entire charade smacks of desperation, desperate to save the reputation of a judge who believes reading constitutes war, a police force who have kept three people in prison for almost three years without a shred of evidence suggesting a crime has even been committed. Yet now the world will watch as the police and judges of Panjab desperately search for something to incriminate three innocent Sikhs already sentenced to life imprisonment retrospectively.
We appeal to the global Sikh Sangat to raise their collective voice until the Panjab Police and Indian judiciary hear the call for justice and due process and the Indian Government fails in their attempt to destroy the lives of these Sikh youth in the prisons where so many of the generation before them still languish in the ultimate a front to democracy, human rights and decency.
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