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Sikh Relief were invited to the Khalsa Primary School, Saturday 4th May to be honoured with a hugely generous donation of almost £1,000.

The money was gathered by the children of the local Khalsa Club from their personal efforts and followed a visit by Sikh Relief to the Slough based Khalsa Club during November 2018.

We had handed out piggy banks to the children after a presentation about our children's education project in India.

All of the children collected money with love and dedication for the project to help their Indian counterparts and received certificates for their efforts from the Sikh Relief team, including the 3 top contributors receiving a prize.

Chairman Bhai Balbir Singh Bains, leading the ceremony took the opportunity to thank all the children for their efforts and explained that the generous donations would be used for helping provide children in India with much needed resources to enhance their education.

Before the gathering concluded the Sikh Relief team took the opportunity to express their desire to launch a UK environmental project at the school, specifically planting trees and having a vegetable garden at the school to provide for an organic langar.

The plan was warmly welcomed, is being discussed and with the grace of the Almighty Waheguru Ji, Giver of Life and Breath will become a reality later this year.

Supporting Today For A Better Tomorrow. 

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