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Advocate Rajvinder Singh Bains succeeds at Additional Sessions Court

Granting the permanent bail plea by Adv Rajvinder Singh Bains for Bhai Harminder Singh at the Panjab and Haryana High Court, Judge Surinder Pal Kaur accepted the facts of our appeal and Sikh Relief have now secured the freedom of yet another Sikh Prisoner of Conscience. , the court has given Harminder Singh surety.

Harminder Singh was also acquitted of charges of conspiracy having been previously sentenced to two years in jail.

Harminder Singh, alias Binder, is the son of Sdr Manjit Singh of Village Savitwar, district Ropar,

Ropar Police had arrested Bhai Harminder Singh on 7th July 2016 accusing him of being an active member of Babbar Khalsa International who was provoking people to wage war against the Indian state and government via Facebook.

The police further accused Harminder Singh of possessing a country made firearm and 5 bullets, Nanakshahi calendar, various religious magazines and books.

The use of the country's heresy and illegal activity prevention law is being utilised by the notorious Panjab Police and Indian agencies to suppress the voices of the Sikhs and other minorities in India, in direct violation of the constitutional rights to freedom of thought and expression.

Increasingly when Sikhs are speaking more and more of Sikh community interests or raises a voice against the excesses being committed by the thoroughly corrupted political class or completely politicised judicial and policing systems or even promotes the memory of those martyred of their martyrs who perished while remaining true in faith to the teachings of their dharam we are seeing laws being subverted and even misapplied then Indian to criminalise dissent, free speech, thought and expression.

An appeal is on file at the Panjab and Haryana High Court filed by our very own, Adv Rajvinder Singh Bains, who pursuing the affairs of many Bandi Singhs aswel as Adv Sarabjit Singh Bains at the trial court.

Thanking the Sikh Relief, Harminder Singh said "due to the efforts of Sikh Relief and the legal battles fought by their prominent lawyers, I am out today." Adding, "these criminals have used such kind of felonious clauses and to be framed by the police, There was no words."

We pledge to continue supporting Sikh Prisoners of Conscience until the last one is freed.

Supporting Today For A Better Tomorrow. 
Sikh Relief

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