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Sikh Relief plant 1000 trees at Bajakhana

The Sikh Relief reforestation project 'Leaf A Legacy' has began planting the first of One Thousand trees at the village of Bajakhana in the district of Faridkot, Panjab.

The trees are part of the Sikh Relief drive to combat the environmental impact of pollution and mismanagement of Panjab's natural resources.

The local community committee and councils have worked with our team, welcoming our ideas, plans and strategy.

The trees will be planted across the village in designated areas including roadsides, public and private property.

To ravage the land, air and waters of a beautiful green and luscious state like Panjab without regard for the future sustainability of the resources is criminal and Sikh Relief intends to correct any such design by 'Leafing A Legacy' of compassion toward humans and our planet alike.

Why not help and support us? Do you want trees planted in your village or town? Let us know...

Supporting Today For A Better Tomorrow. 
Sikh Relief.

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