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The Childless Mother of 8,000 Babies

Karnataka, in South West India, is home to millions including a remarkable woman called Saalumarda Theemka.
At approximately 105 years of age she is recognised as Karnataka state's single most effective environmentalist in terms of tackling air pollution, soil and underground water replenishment.

Her story is one of victory in the face bigoted adversity. Ms Theemka was unable to have children and as a young woman faced unthinkable pressures and outright prejudice which lead her at 40 years old to betlieve suicide was her only means of escaping an otherwise pointless and aimless existence devoid of longterm purpose and focus.
Yet Waheguru Ji. the Ultimate Giver of Life and Breath through their limitless grace and benevolence sparked something deep inside the spirit and this lost, destitute soul and she accepted for herself the mission of changing Karnataka's climate by planting trees and nurturing each as if each was her child and the numbers are staggering.
As an individual, Ms Theemka has to date planted 8000 trees, of which nearly 400 are bohr trees, famed as best for replenishing underground water repositories.
She tells us that her name amingst those who once ridiculed her for being a burden on society with nothing to contribute now proudly call her Mother Tree whilst recognising her work as something amazing and outstanding.
Sikh Relief implores the people of Panjab to pay attention to their environmental responsibility and the impact it is already having on the land, air water and most importantly the health of each and every family.
There is nothing false about each warning, whether from the smallest farmer to the UN, all are warning of impending catastrophe.
Yet nothing is irreversible.
Let us all be Mother, Father, Brother and Sister to our environment and make our Panjab fresh and healthy.
Help us to help Panjab, Sikh Relief are already planting thousands of trees village by village at homes, schools and commonly owned lands by contacting us and arranging for us to visit your village or city sector.
We need you to cooperate in this ongoing valuable project and reverse the future planned for us by those who have misused the natural resources of our state.
Remember, planting trees will improve the soil's structure and increase fertility, helping prevent soil erosion, each probing root growth breaks up the soil, which creates spaces for storing air and water. Tree roots improve drainage because each root acts as an underground water channel to help water penetrate the soil.
Its not difficult to make a difference, it just take someone to care.

Help us to support today for a better tomorrow.
Sikh Relief.

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