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Sikh Relief secures release of Bhupinder Singh, alias Dilawar Singh 
extradited Singh freed amid Police attempts to prolong proceedings

Arrested January 5th 2019 by a Mohali contingent of the notorious Panjab Police having been extradited from Abu Dhabi, Sikh Relief have secured the bail release of Bhai Bhupinder Singh alias Dilawar Singh accused of funding Babbar Khalsa militants in India.

Kept in custody for 7 months he was eventually deported by Abu Dhabi authorities following a red corner notice petitioned by Indian authorities to the Arab nation.

Originally from Raikot the alleged Babbar will tonight be spending his first of many nights at home with his family, having had the benefit of Sikh Relief's legal team secure his bail by anticipating deliberate flaws in the prosecution's procedures to attempt to prolong the proceedings.

Although similar cases have seen other detainees cases being discharged but remain incarcerated, our team of lawyers Adv Sarabjit Singh Bains, Adv CS Bawa, Adv Kulwinder Kaur and Adv Amandeep Singh Kandola have secured the release of Bhupinder Singh, with the judge denying several other requests of the prosecution including an extension to file the all important charge sheet (challan).

Accused under the Arms Act and the draconian UAPA he is claimed to be a member of a group of militants in Punjab and facilitating the procurement of weapons by financing deals with others he has spent his time incarcerated in the Maximum Security Jail at Nabha.

We are happy to announce that he is at this moment on his way to his paternal home and relieved to be free.

It is only with the blessings of the Almighty Giver of Life and Breath, Mighty Waheguru Ji that freedom and liberation is attained and we thank them for this first step in securing such for our brother Bhai Bhupinder Singh.

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