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Sikh Relief USA conquers Alameda County summit...

Total respect and gratitude to our brother and sisters of Sikh Relief USA who have conquered the principle mountain summit of Mission Peak Regional Preserve public park east of Fremont, California.
The event was held to raise adrenalin levels and funds for all the various projects and initiatives that we currently use to help those who are underprivileged.
This much required shot in the arm is always appreciated and humbly accepted.

May Waheguru continue to bless Sikh Relief with the kind of support that reminds us to focus on those we help whilst being a constant reminder that our funds are the hard earned product of the Kirat Kamai of our well wishers and supporters.
We are and remian forever grateful to the Almighty Waheguru without who's mehr and bakshish nothing is possible.
Our humble benti remains to you all to continue supporting us today for a better tomorrow.
Sikh Relief.

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