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From tears of no future to a potentially beautiful future...

Amanpreet Kaur is from a very unfortunate family, her father was a farmer with a small landholding who passed away in 2017 after a terrible illness inflicted him caused by accidental inhalation of poisonous fertiliser mist whilst he was manually spraying his crops.

She is the eldest of three children, having two younger brothers, and was facing a bleak future as her mother had initially struggled and was unable to keep her in school due to education fees she simply cannot afford.

In this regard Sikh Relief had been approached to assist. With the blessings of the Guru's beautiful Sangat we introduced Amanpreet Kaur to the Shaheed Raghbir Singh Academy at Bhaggupur and requested that her education be maintained.

Sikh Relief is currently financing Amanpreet Kaur's annual fees with the support of sangat and guarantee this beautiful child's future from a mere potential to a certainty.

Our team recently met this child to find how the child was going with her studies and it was to our excitation that Amanpreet is excelling in her studies and achieving top position in class.

We thanks sangat for their support.

Sikh Relief.

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