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Shamsher Singh from the village of Ukasi Jatta, comes from a farming family and studied until the 11th Class when he started earning a living as a truck driver. He spent some years working in Dubai and when that ended, he returned to Punjab and his farming roots. Prior to 1995, Shamsher Singh was a family man bringing up his children - two daughters and a son. 

However, under the Chief Minister’s rule, young innocent Sikh men were indiscriminately hunted, tortured and killed in the thousands, for no crime other than being a Sikh. The police officers who carried this out were handsomely rewarded and promoted, setting a precedent that the police could operate with impunity. This period in Punjab’s history, would later be referred to as the “dark decade”. Feeling they had no other choice a team of Sikhs, set about ending the bloody reign of the then Chief Minister of Punjab, Beant Singh.

For the past 19 years, Shamsher Singh has been in prison serving more than a life sentence. He was the main breadwinner in the family as his father had passed away earlier. After he had been in prison for 5 years, sadly his mother also passed away but the jail authorities refused to grant him a day release, to attend the funeral. In his 19 years behind bars, Shamsher Singh has only been allowed home for 2 days to attend his eldest daughter’s wedding and for the first time, last year he was given one month’s parole. Shamsher Singh’s family have also paid a heavy price, being dragged through the prisons themselves and even to this day the police continue to harass them each time any incident occurs - large or small. Last week, Sikh Relief took action to expedite Shamsher Singh’s parole release by meeting Patiala's Deputy Commissioner and we obtained approval for the parole application and had it sent onwards to the jail authority. We want to enable Shamsher Singh to return home in time for his younger daughter’s wedding on 6th December and fulfil his role as the father of the bride.

Sikh Relief will be funding the wedding of Sarbjit Kaur and if you wish to contribute towards this cost, please follow the details below:

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