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For the first time ever, more than eight different UK based Sikh charities have come together under one umbrella in response to the huge tragedy left in the wake of the Nepal Earthquake on Saturday.

Joint representatives from all the organisations involved have spent their second day in Nepal and the reality from the ground is one of sheer devastation.

Our team is coordinating much needed relief work with the authorities and armed forces. Today, Bagicha Singh, Makhan Singh and Jaskaran Singh cleared away the debris and rubble so they could begin the grim task of removing dead bodies. By the grace of God they found and rescued the man in the photo below, who miraculously survived after being trapped for three days! May Waheguru bless our volunteers with the continued strength to help others at this difficult time.

We will continue bringing you the latest news from Nepal, meanwhile here's how you can help: www.justgiving.com/SRNepalAid

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