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For the first time, nine charities from both the UK and USA, have joined under one banner in their response to the devastating Nepal Earthquake which has claimed the lives of over 10,000 people and left tens of thousands homeless. 

Sikh Relief alongside; Midland Langar Seva Society, Khalsa Foundation, Kaurs Corner, Sikh24.com, Lions MMA, Khalsa Bikers, Khalis Foundation and the British Sikh Council, have collectively co-ordinated the relief aid project in Nepal.

To make a donation please visit www.sikhrelief.org/donate

Within a week of the Earthquake hitting, our UK and USA teams have joined our India volunteers who were already on the ground within days are working together with other support agencies and professionals, to ensure the appropriate relief and aid is distributed to those who need it most. Due to the sheer scale of devastation and destruction, further teams; including volunteers from the UK, have made their way to Nepal to assist in the huge operation. 

Manjot Singh of Khalis Foundation said, "In this digital age it's important to not forget the unfortunate events taking place around us. The people of Nepal have been left devastated following the earthquake. We have joined the coalition of organisations to help provide relief to pain and suffering being felt in the aftermath. We urge the international community to support efforts and help with emergency relief of medical aid, food, and shelter to the people who need it."

Raj Kaur from Kaurs Corner said “We are humbled and honoured to support Nepal Relief Aid in their efforts to provide essential food, equipment and medication for those in need in Nepal. We urge the Sikh community and wider community to give as much as possible in support of this fantastic work.”

Parmvir Singh of Khalsa Foundation said: "It is important for us all to play our part as respected Sikh Organisations to join up and ensure we help those who are less fortunate affected by this disaster. We thank all the Sangat for their continued support via donations and prayers for the victims of this disaster."

Paramjit Singh from Midland Langar Seva Society said “We are proud to work in cooperation with all these wonderful charities. Midland Langar Seva Society’s core foundation and structure is based on helping the needy regardless of their situation or background. The devastation caused from the Nepal earthquake is a prime example of how we as a community must come together in unity during times like these. 


Our teams are currently involved in:     

- Removal of debris and rubble 
- Removal of corpses with respect and dignity, to the makeshift morgues
- Immediate medical assistance for survivors.
-  Coordinating with a team of fully qualified doctors in running the medical camps
-  All volunteers received First aid training to deal with minor wounds
-  Distribution of free medication where required
-  Identifying remote regions outside the Kathmandu area, where relief aid is not reaching  the isolated people and setting up a medical team to run daily medical camps in these areas.
- Working with local tradesman and suppliers to get quick and easy access to essential items, such as; tents, non-perishable foods, water, medication, sanitation equipment and temporary accommodation setup. 

- Setting up cooking tents in allocated areas and providing two hot meals a day.

Strength in Unity - together we can help the people of Nepal, in the true spirit of Sikhi and following the principles of Guru Nanak.


We request your help and support by donating via our Just Giving page:



visit www.sikhrelief.org/donate

if you have any suggestions or wish to contact our team for more information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0300 999 0187

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