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Jatinder Kaur would like to express her heartfelt thanks to you, the Sangat, for supporting the continuation of her education.  Jatinder Kaur twenty one years old and is studying Civil Engineering at her local college. SOPW, with your support, has not only submitted her college fees for this semester but also provided her with a laptop to assist in her studies.

Jatinder is the granddaughter of Mata Rashpal Kaur who only has one surviving child named Rupinder Kaur. Readers may recall that SOPW has spoken previously about Mata Rashpal Kaur who lost both her sons and her husband in the 90's. 

Mata Rashpal Kaur’s husband, Jarnail Singh was dragged by police officers into the nearby fields in his village and was verbally abused and beaten before he was strangled and hung by electricity wires.

Over the next few years Mata Rashpal Kaur consistently travelled from place to place to avoid illegal arrests by the local police. In November, 1991, Mata Ji received more tragic news: her youngest son Shaheed Jasdev Singh, aged just 18 years old, had been picked up and viciously beaten to death by police officers. To this day, his disappearance has not been acknowledged by authorities and his body has not been returned to the family for them to complete any last rites.

Mata Ji’s second eldest son Bhai Harjind Singh had somehow escaped to Dubai when he heard that his brother was missing and may have been murdered by the police. He decided to bravely venture back in the hope to find his younger brother. Tragically Bhai Harjind Singh was tricked by police officers to travel to a particular CIA interrogation centre, stating that his brother had been found and that he could come and recognise the body. Upon arrival at the interrogation centre, he was told to remove his dastar (turban) and other items of clothing. Immediately Bhai Harjind Singh realised that he was too about to be subject to torture and most likely be murdered and upon recognising this grave threat, he took a shocking decision. As police officers started to beat him, Bhai Harjind Singh took a cyanide capsule and became Shaheed at just 21 years of age in May 1992. Once again, his body was never returned to his family.

Since these tragic events, Mata Ji succumbed to a brain haemorrhage in 2010. Since then Mata Ji has become completely bed ridden from paralysis and is unable to speak. At present, she lives with her daughter and granddaughter who do their best to look after her. SOPW is humbled to have been blessed with the sewa of looking after Mata Rashpal Kaur and her remaining family. 

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