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At the age of 5 years old, Maandeep Singh Khalsa from the village of Dinewal in Khadoor Sahib, contracted polio. His mother, who was uneducated, had not heard of polio and was unaware of the correct treatment. By the time Maandeep received medical attention, the doctors were unable to save his legs which both had to be amputated.

But unlike most people, Maandeep Singh did let this huge setback deter him from his goals. He continued with his education passing 12th Class and went on to study for his BA degree at the Guru Angad Dev College in Sri Khadoor Sahib. However, his father Najar Singh, who is now 68 years old, lost his eyesight and was unable to continue in his job as a rickshaw driver. As the family’s finances took a downturn, sacrifices had to be made and unfortunately Maandeep Singh had leave his studies part way. Maandeep’s mother Jagir Kaur, who is 62 years old, also took on a cleaning job for another family to earn a little more money.

Maandeep Singh Khalsa, who is now 27 years old was actually named ‘Massa Singh’ when he was born, but he changed his name once he became a baptized Sikh and began his new life as a Khalsa. He has always been a very keen weight lifter and body builder. As you can see in the photo, he has won many prizes in various competitions. This is just one example of the true grit of Maandeep Singh. His wish is to follow Guru Nanak’s principle of “kirat karni” and he doesn’t want to be dependent on anyone for money. Maandeep told our team “even if my body is not able, I will use what skills I have to earn a living and then share what I have with others.

Maandeep has one brother and two sisters who are both married. His family home is in need of urgent repairs. The house has no gate and the roof is not secure or waterproof. When it rains, the ceilings leak. Maandeep has approached the Punjab Government several times in relation to his case and requested they give him a government job as he and his family are in desperate need of help. The Punjab Government replied by telling him to ‘stop wasting their time as they will not give him a job’.

When SOPW learnt of Maandeep’s situation, we discussed his options and since the last few weeks, Maandeep has been in the process of opening a fitness gym in the village of Dharar. SOPW will help him complete this and support him in whatever way he needs us to. 

We also presented Maandeep Singh with a specially adapted motorcycle by the Sikh Relief team. This ‘made to order’ vehicle is controlled by hands rather than feet. Maandeep was left completely speechless as he had not even dared to dream of having the independence that this motorcycle will allow him. We pray for your continued support and will be bringing you more welfare cases like Maandeep’s. 


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