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Let us introduce you to Preet Kaur...she was setting out on her newly married life to Harjit Singh Kala, when all her hopes and dreams were cruelly snatched away. Instead, for the past 12 years everything has been falling apart around this family due to the wrongful arrest of Harjit Singh in April 2002. Harjit Singh was picked up in Patiala and falsely charged with murder under section 302 and also under the Arms Act sections 25, 54 and 59 of the Indian Penal Code. Since then, he has been behind the bars of Patiala Jail.

Meanwhile, Preet Kaur has been struggling to survive in their family home which was virtually on the point of collapse. The family did not have a large source of income in the first place and with Harjit Singh’s arrest it meant they were living below the poverty line. The house fell into such a state of disrepair that all the roofs were leaking and when the rain fell they would move their beds around the house to find the driest place to sleep. To add to her misery, Preet Kaur was suffering from gynaecological problems and needed urgent medical attention.

Unfortunately, at times of such extreme difficulty, family and friends cannot or will not lend a helping hand. This is where Sikh Relief (SOPW) provide a lifeline to families who are on the point of despair, whereas due to their ultimate sacrifice, we feel they should be on a bed of roses. Since Sikh Relief (SOPW) have been supporting the family, we have funded the surgical operation and treatment for Preet Kaur and at the present moment, our Sikh Relief India team are overseeing the rebuilding of Harjit Singh and Preet Kaur’s family home. Sangat ji, these photos are evidence that your generosity and support really do make deserving people’s lives better. For ways to donate to this worthwhile project, our details are:

Bank: HSBC
Account Number: 41572733
Sort Code: 40-42-13

Donate Online:  www.justgiving.com/SikhRelief

International IBAN no: GB75MIDL40421341572733
Swift/BIC code: MIDLGB2155M

Telephone: 0300 999 0187
Website: www.prisonerwelfare.org

Via SMS (£5 or £10) -  
Text: SOPW13 £10 
To: 70070

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