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Harbans Singh and his wife live in Faridkot and have been blessed with eight children. Their youngest Gurpyar Singh, is only one and a half years old and has a birth defect which resulted in his bowel and bladder being improperly formed. Gurpyar has an external bag fitted to deal with his body waste.

Sikh Relief launched a Medical Aid Appeal for 9 year old Harneet in August 2013. This was met with such an overwhelming response from the worldwide Sangat, that we ensure to provide the supporting sangat with her progress reports.

Harneet Kaur

This is Harneet Kaur today aged twelve years old. Her early childhood was filled with pain as she was separated from her loving father, political prisoner Amarjit Singh, who was falsely imprisoned for almost five years in Sangrur and then Nabha jail. Today, Sikh Relief is supporting Harneet Kaur's education and provide support 

Akash means the sky and with your help we can make a brighter sky for 8 year old Akashpreet SIngh who has just been diagnosed with blood cancer and will require treatment for the next 1-3 years.

The story of Sarbjeet Kaur and her son Gurmukh Singh, was heart-breaking for not only the Sikh Relief Team but the entire sikh population who watched her heart-breaking appeal asking for someone to help save her sons life. 

Since 2010, twelve year old Gurmukh has been battling childhood diabetes and his daily medication and medical check-ups have taken their toll on the family's finances. Gurmukh's father works as a bus driver and earns only 250Rs a day. To make matters worse, he has an addiction and his salary does not stretch far enough to even cover the household costs. This leaves Sarbjit Kaur in a difficult position and she has been forced to sell all the family assets in an attempt to raise money for the medication for her only child, Gurmukh. The family live in just one small room, that has been let to them for free, against the security of their family home.

Bakshish Singh is currently at home on a 28 day parole release, after which time he will have to return to Nabha Jail. His wife, Parmjit Kaur, required an operation to remove uterine fibroids and Sikh Relief were at her bedside (see photo) and provided all the necessary finances, ensuring she received the full and correct treatment. Bakshish Singh was very grateful for all the support he has received from SOPW (Sikh Relief) over many years including; his childrens education fees, family welfare support, legal aid, medical expenses and even the purchase of a scooter for his daughter Charnjit, who's medical condition made walking more difficult.

Thanks to your support we were able to purchase a brand new scooter for the daughter of thirty-eight year old Baba Bakshish Singh who is currently imprisoned in Nabha jail in the case of the attack on Dera Sirse Wala Ram Rahim.


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