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Sikh Relief launched a Medical Aid Appeal for 9 year old Harneet in August 2013. This was met with such an overwhelming response from the worldwide Sangat, that we ensure to provide the supporting sangat with her progress reports.

Harneet firstly underwent a range of tests and check-ups related to the cancer in her left thigh, as follows:

• She was been seen by 3 separate specialists at the Hardas Singh Hospital (Amritsar). After a battery of tests, all 3 doctors concluded that the cancer was actually in the bone of Harneet’s leg and recommend that the bone is completely removed and replaced. Before this is possible, she will have to undergo a bone CT Scan which took place on 31st October 2013.
• Upon professional advice, Harneet started treatment at the Delhi Ayurvedic Hospital. Although the doctors agree that she needed an operation, the medicine she received at this hospital would give Harneet the best chance to make a full recovery afterwards and to ensure the cancer does not return.
• Harneet attended twice weekly appointments at the PGI Hospital in Chandigarh where the operation took place. Doctors are closely monitored her blood tests, weight, etc.
• A sample of fluid was aken from her leg and sent to a lab in Bombay for further testing. Once the doctors have the results from this as well as the CT Scan, they will analyse all the information and finalise a date when the operation can take place.


Harneet Kaur was then admitted to PGI Childrens Emergency Ward in Chandigarh to undergo a major operation to treat the cancer in her thigh. During all this time, Harneet endured numerous tests and scans which meant travelling the considerable distance from her home to Chandigarh or Delhi almost every other day. A team made up of 10 doctors were analysing and observing Harneet and they considered her case especially seriously, because of her tender age.

With Guru Ji’s kirpa, the bone scan and tests showed that there were no signs of the cancer having spread to her bones or skin. However, Harneet will underwent an operation to remove a large portion of the skin on her thigh containing the cancerous cells. 

Our SOPW team in India stayed with the family everyday throughout the entire ordeal.  The medical system in India means that any necessary medicine is not provided by the hospital but the family is responsible for purchasing this themselves from an outside pharmacy – so our sevadaars were running around trying to ease some of the stress on Bhai Amarjeet Singh and Bibi Davinder Kaur.

On Thursday 23rdSeptember 2013 at 7am, with Waheguru’s apaar kirpa, Harneet underwent an operation to remove four large areas of skin from her thigh, which had tested positive for cancer. A team of 4 doctors including Dr Vedhite, Dr Monica and Dr Gupta, carried out the operation and are satisfied that it went well.

With Waheguru's kirpa, after a weeks admittance, Harneet was then discharged from hospital and is now at home being cared for by her family.

Our SOPW sevadaar (pictured with Harneet's dad) was with her parents when they left the hospital and needless to say, Harneet was a very happy young girl! She will return for a check up and to tend to the dressings on the wound on Saturday 30 November.


We would like to thank the Sangat for the tremendous help they have shown throughout Harneet's ordeal. Our collective Ardaas was accepted by Waheguru - Harneet is now well on the way to recovery...


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