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Harbans Singh and his wife live in Faridkot and have been blessed with eight children. Their youngest Gurpyar Singh, is only one and a half years old and has a birth defect which resulted in his bowel and bladder being improperly formed. Gurpyar has an external bag fitted to deal with his body waste.

Harbans Singh works as a day labourer, toiling the land of others. The family live well below the poverty line and Gurpyar is their only son - he has seven older sisters. Harbans Singh earns very little but his responsibilities are huge. Gurpyar needs urgent surgery, as he is growing older the current temporary solution cannot be further sustained. He needs an operation to clear any blockage in his intestines and to reconstruct his bowel.

Harbans Singh and his wife were at a loss, unable to see a way forward when the Sikh Relief team met them. We have now assured the couple that the worldwide Sangat is with them in their hour of need and we will continue to bring you updates on Gurpyar's progress.


We humbly request, anyone wishing to contribute towards Gurpyar's medical treatment, can use any of the following methods:

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