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It is with great sadness that the values of years gone by are being lost and replaced daily, with incidents of sexual harassment, rape and alcohol fuelled crimes. In-fighting between Sikhs themselves, also results in tarnishing these values. We need to make a stand and say ENOUGH and return to these core values.

Taking these thoughts forward, Sikh Relief has begun another initiative. The Sikh Relief team will be visiting each village/town and running “Dastar and Sikhi Cultural Camps”. The aim of the camps will be to educate our youth to keep their kesh and to stay away from alcohol and drugs, as these are the vices that keep them from enjoying the values that their rich heritage gives them. You can contact us on the following numbers if you want us to run a camp in your village/town: 09779653008 or 09501988589.

Camps include the following events: 1.Dastar tying 2. Showing of Dharmik films 3. Gurmat Talks 4. Dastar tying competitions 5. Create a committee and educate how to respect Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

SikhRelief Sikh Relief funds the monthly financial package for the family of Surinder Singh https://t.co/asjpxoXvVU
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SikhRelief Support Bani Kaur Bhenjee https://t.co/NLh1IXkLR3
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SikhRelief SIKH RELIEF outright condemns the cowardly attack in Manchester. https://t.co/CwSYp5UKOj

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