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Anand Singh was just 21 years old when he was arrested in 1995 and charged under various sections of the TADA Act, a law so oppressive that it received worldwide condemnation for violating human rights. Likewise, Subheg Singh was also arrested in 1995 and both gentlemen were sentenced to life imprisonment. In 2004, extra charges were heaped on these men for allegedly assisting in the famous Tihar jailbreak incident. 




Anand Singh and Subheg Singh’s families survive under difficult circumstances, financing their day-to-day expenses can be a struggle. Sikh Relief (SOPW) continue to support both men with our legal aid and welfare process and we are working towards their premature release.

Both men have been locked up for almost 20 years and a little while ago, the Chandigarh High Court even issued an order that Subegh Singh and Anand Singh should be released without further delay, also citing that the extra jailbreak charges were NOT a factor when considering their release.


Yet despite such specific court orders, Anand Singh remains in Patiala Jail and Subheg Singh in Ludhiana Central Jail. Both men sit and wait inside jails in the state of PUNJAB. Therefore, if the Punjab Government WANTED to free our Sikh political prisoners who have unjustly spent most of their lives behind bars, it is within their powers to set these Singh free immediately.

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