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or many years, Sikh Relief (SOPW) together with our legal team, have been working tirelessly to free ALL our Sikh political prisoners who are languishing in India’s jails. Hand in hand with this, we take care of their family’s needs - so they do not suffer any further difficulties. Our worldwide team carry out this precious seva with dedication and it takes a large amount of man hours to achieve the results we have shown to the Sangat over the years. Since SOPW came into existence in 2008, almost 200 prisoners are now back at home with their families who otherwise, would have remained stuck in the legal ‘system’. We have provided the means for earning a living to many of those released, as part of our rehabilitation package. Everyday, our India team is visiting the families of our prisoners offering them emotional support and guidance.

From the time of arrest to obtaining permanent release, is a long journey requiring huge efforts in the background. This is expensive work which can only succeed with the support of all Sikh organisations and religious bodies as well as the Sangat.

For example, Lal Singh has been imprisoned since 1992. He lost both his parents while in prison leaving his wife and young daughter alone at home. Without a regular income, the economic condition of his family deteriorated, but then, Sikh Relief began providing monthly welfare support and fulfilling seven year old Manmeet Kaur’s education fees. Even though Lal Singh has served 22 years and has no other cases pending against him, the Gujarat State is yet to finalise his permanent release.

Meanwhile, Sikh Relief (SOPW) has routinely secured parole leave over twenty times, for Lal Singh to return home, even if for short periods of time. His record while in prison has been absolutely clean and the Jail Superintendent even recommended to the courts that he is of ‘good conduct’. Over a year ago, Sikh Relief lodged a case in the Supreme Court of India for Lal Singh’s permanent release. Sangat ji, many years of hard work are now coming to a head, as we have been given the date of Tuesday 9th December for this hearing to take place. We urge you to join together in an ardas and pray that the pain and hurt this gentle natured man has suffered for the last 22 years, finally comes to an end, with his long overdue release. Supreme Court lawyers do not come cheap. It is expected to cost around 6 lakhs Rupees (£6,000) for the Sikh Relief appointed lawyer to see Lal Singh’s case through to conclusion.


ANY efforts made by ANYONE to highlight the plight of Sikh political prisoners to the wider world, are welcomed by Sikh Relief (SOPW) and we ask for the support of all individuals who feel the pain of our nation, as well as other religious and political organisations to get behind us in the pursuit of TRUTH, JUSTICE and FREEDOM. 

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