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Dharam Singh was arrested from his home by the Berowal (Tarn Taran) Police in March 2013. Upon arrest, he was harrassed and tortured before being charged under the Arms Act and framed for providing food and shelter to Bhai Narain Singh Chaura, a respected and learned human rights activist who was wanted by the Indian authorities. 

After intense interrogation, Dharam Singh was thrown into Tarn Taran Central Jail, together with Bhai Narain Singh and Bhai Pal Singh (France). Left at home to cope in his absence, were his wife and young children. SOPW provided funds for Bhai Sahib's legal and prison welfare costs and met the family's needs, such as his childrens education fees.

The SOPW team are pleased that Bhai Sahib has returned home to his family and may this been the start of a happy and content life for Dharam Singh and his family. 

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