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Thirty four year old Harbans Singh has not only been separated from his family for almost seven years, but he was imprisoned so far away in Jammu, that it was difficult for his family to visit regularly. In June 2008, Harbans Singh’s wife Sharanjit Kaur, was left to fend for herself with a newborn baby when her husband was picked up by Police from his village in Punjab and falsely charged under the Arms and Explosives Act. The case chosen by the Police in which to frame Harbans Singh, fell under the jurisdiction of Jammu and so he was sent to prison there.

Harbans Singh was actually released on bail by the Court on 29th May 2014, but before he could make it back home he was rearrested and kept in police custody for a further 4 days. As a ‘leaving present’, Harbans Singh was made to suffer further harassment. On 2nd June 2014, our SOPW volunteer personally escorted Harbans Singh back home to Punjab and reunited him with his seven year old son, whose dreams all came true when the father he has never known, finally came home

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