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It is with great pleasure that SOPW announces the release of Kulwant Singh from Ropar Jail on 10th July 2014. Kulwant Singh although a farmer by trade, worked as a taxi driver before he was unlawfully picked up by Patiala police in 2010. He was charged in 3 cases under the Unlawful Activities Act and sent to Ropar jail. Left alone and with no other income source, his wife Balbir Kaur continued to support the family by working in a printing and stationary shop, earning a mere £20 a month which barely covered the family’s living costs. Since SOPW became aware of the case we have supported Kulwant Singh and his family in every way. 

The education fees for his 19 year old daughter were fulfilled by SOPW and due to her excellent grades, she gained admission at the prestigious Chandigarh Group of Colleges (CGC) to study for her MSE. She has also been provided with a laptop to aid her in her advanced studies. Her younger brother aged 14 is also studying in the 9th Grade. Just a few months ago, the SOPW India team also fitted a water filter system at Kulwant Singh’s family home.

The SOPW appointed legal team of Advocates Baljinder Singh Sodhi and Sarbjit Singh Bains fought an excellent case in Kulwant Singh’s favour, which saw him being fully acquitted in Court of the fabricated charges that kept him from his family life for more than 4 years. Sangat ji – it is your help and support that has brought about another priceless moment in an innocent man’s life – Thank You !!

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