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Shaheed Bhai Tarlok Singh was taken from his home by Ludhiana police in June 1985. The twenty eight year old was then beaten, tortured and framed under six separate ‘Arms acts’ cases. Months passed, his family anxiously awaited Bhai Tarlok Singh’s return home and the police were denying any knowledge of his whereabouts. It wasn’t until September 1990 that the news finally broke. The family’s dreadful suspicions finally confirmed by the police, that Bhai Tarlok Singh had been killed in an ‘encounter’. The body was never returned to the family to allow for a proper cremation and for the family to pay their final respects.

The suffering of Bhai Tarlok Singh’s family did not end there, his thirty year old son Bhai Gurpreet Singh (pictured left) was also arrested and is currently incarcerated in Nabha Jail since January 2008. Gurpreet Singh would have been the only breadwinner of the family, however in his absence this family have endured deep financial hardship along with the obvious stress that the only son is so far from home that even visiting him is difficult.

Bhai Tarlok Singh has two daughters the elder daughter is married and settled now with children of her own. The younger, twenty seven year old daughter who never met her father as she was born after his arrest, has just completed her Masters degree, the family are now seeking a suitable match for her marriage.
SOPW team members visited this family and gave Rs 40,000 in family support, we are also paying the standard welfare and legal support to Gurpreet Singh. SOPW will continue to monitor the situation of this family and we will keep you updated on any new developments. Our thoughts and prayers are with this family.

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