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42 year old Hardeep Singh, was arrested and imprisoned in 1993 under the controversial TADA Act. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1997 and has been in Amritsar Central jail ever since. 

TADA was primarily brought about to lock up the Sikhs of Punjab, with trials held in secret courts, no witnesses required and confessions obtained by police through the use of torture were permissible. As a result of this, Hardeep Singh has been separated from his family for nearly 22 years and both his parents who are now frail, and his wife who has single-handedly raised their two young sons, wonder if he will ever be free to return home. 

Most people will not have heard of Hardeep Singh’s name, but Sikh Relief (SOPW) have been working towards his freedom over the years. Due to this, he has been granted parole leave in the past and all the necessary paperwork for Hardeep Singh's premature release is now in the High Court and awaiting a date of hearing.

Meanwhile, everyday Hardeep Singh sits and waits inside a jail within the state of PUNJAB. Therefore, if the Punjab Government WANTED to free our Sikh political prisoners who have unjustly spent most of their lives behind bars, it is well within their powers to set the Singh's free immediately.

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