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Illegal and inhumane methods have long been used to suppress those Sikhs who fight for their just rights. Imprisoning people under false charges for years is also common practice. One such example of this, is Bhai Bagicha Singh from Kenthal, Haryana. In the period of 5 years, from 2007 to 2012, the police charged him with 7 different cases in order to keep him caught up in the ‘system’ for years to come. The first case registered against him in 2007 was related to Ram Rahim of Sirsa. The cult leader hurt the sentiments of the Sikhs when he impersonated Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. As a show of protest a call was made for Punjab to be shut down. Bagicha Singh and his companions were adhering to this shut down in their local area. SSP Asthana of Patiala, stopped Bagicha Singh from doing this and ordered for a baton charge on those involved. In a further protest against the baton charge there were more clashes and several Sikhs were injured as well as the SSPs gunman. The police then fabricated a case and charged Bagicha Singh with attacking the SSP and injuring his gunman. Bhai Bagicha Singh was imprisoned in Patiala Jail under these false charges. Even when Bagicha Singh was finally released on bail and had returned home, the police did not stop hounding him. Whenever any incidents took place in the local area the police would harass Bagicha Singh. On numerous occasions he would be taken to the police station for questioning and beaten, before being released. Shortly after the arrest of another singh (Bakshish Singh) in 2012, Bagicha Singh - along with Amarjit Singh and Bibi Gobind Kaur, was falsely charged with attempting to murder Ram Rahim of Sirsa. All three suffered inhumane treatment at the hands of the police. Even though one of the co-accused was a woman, no exception was made and Gobind Kaur also suffered greatly at the hands of the police. All three were then imprisoned and the last one to be released on bail in September 2013 was Bagicha Singh.

With the help of the sangat, SOPW was able to fund Bagicha Singh’s legal costs, so that the case was sped up and he was able to return home as soon as possible.

Upon his release, the SOPW team visited Bhai Bagicha Singh at his home. With the help of the Sangat’s donations, we have been able to purchase a new Discover 100t Motorcycle for Bagicha Singh. Having the use of this motorcycle now means that he can resume his work as a property consultant and rebuild his life after being imprisoned for so long. SOPW would like to give their heartfelt thanks to the sangat for their ongoing support and donations, which enable us to help Singh’s who are imprisoned in India’s jails.
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