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SOPW are delighted to announce that as part of our rehabilitation scheme, we have been able to purchase a small pick-up truck for Bhai Major Singh. Bhai Sahib served a total of twenty three years and one month in jail, despite being totally innocent, before he was released in August this year.

It is often the case that when the police arrest a political prisoner, they remove anything of value from their property, seize money/bank accounts or even land, take away their vehicles and even go to the extent of removing doors and taps from their houses – so they can be resold for money. Understandably, this is a huge setback for the family and adds to the anguish they are already facing.

Our aim at SOPW is that our great Gursikhs who uphold the value of “Kirat Karni”, should be completely self-sufficient, therefore, they can run their households and raise their family with dignity. With this in mind, we discussed with Bhai Major Singh what he needed to get back on his feet. Being imprisoned at the young age of 14, he had missed out on his schooling and the skills he had acquired were limited. However, he will now be able to make a living as a courier and hopefully gain local contracts delivering goods.

Bhai Major Singh’s family has made huge sacrifices for the Panth, his father was first arrested in 1979, beaten and tortured for ten days before being released; he was then rearrested in 1990 and imprisoned until 1996. Dada Ji, arrested in 1990, subsequently died in 1997 whilst in prison at the age of 97. Chacha Ji arrested in 2008; spent six months in jail, he is currently on bail, the trial is on-going. Another Chacha Ji arrested at the age of 32 in 1990, endured ten days of police torture whilst in custody only to be released and then killed in a fake police encounter three years later. Mama Ji has been confined in Central Jail Bareilly since May 1990. SOPW is now focusing on the release of Bhai Sahibs Mama Ji - Varayaam Singh, as he too has been in prison for over 23 years.

Bhai Sahib expresses his gratitude to the Sangat for their support and also the many messages of congratulations he has received after his recent wedding. It is due to the support we receive from the Sangat, that after a very long time, Bhai Sahib can finally start imagining a brighter furture.

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