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Sikh Relief – Supporting Today For A Better Tomorrow

Established in 2008, Sikh Relief was the first and only NGO with the sole mandate as a Sikh Organisation for Prisoner Welfare (SOPW). We have since diversified our projects to help those in need, underprivileged and requiring compassionate support to improve their lives and futures.

Now registered internationally as a global NGO, we have offices in Europe, North America & India creating positive, permanent change for Sikhs and society equally. Our programmes are for all without discrimination or prejudice. We have delivered disaster relief to many places includingKerala, Madhya Pradesh, Panjab and Kashmir in India and further afield in places like Nepal, Pakistan, the UK and even the United States of America.

Committed to a hand up not a hand out. The Sikh Reliefvision informs its policies and programmes, we are committed to encouraging self sufficiency and lasting positive social change for everybody.


Sikh Relief, Supporting Today For A Better Tomorrow.


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