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Nepal Disaster Relief

For the first time, nine charities from both the UK and USA, joined under one banner in their response to the devastating Nepal Earthquake which claimed the lives of over 6,000 and left tens of thousands homeless. 

Sikh Relief alongside; Midland Langar Seva Society, Khalsa Foundation, Kaurs Corner, Sikh24.com, Lions MMA, Khalsa Bikers, Khalis Foundation and the British Sikh Council, collectively co-ordinated the relief aid project in Nepal.

Within the first few days of the Earthquake hitting, our team of volunteers were on the ground in Nepal working together with other support agencies and professionals, to ensure the appropriate relief and id was distributed to those who needed it most.

Due to the sheer scale of devastation and destruction, further teams; including volunteers from the UK, made their way to Nepal to assist in the huge operation.

The progress of our teams in Nepal has been fantastic. Within the two weeks our team covered in following areas in providing relief aid to those effected.


  1. Removal of debris and rubble
  2. Removal of corpses with respect and dignity to makeshift morgues
  3. Immediate medical assistance for survivors.
  4. Coordinating with a team of fully qualified doctors in running medical camps
  5. All volunteers received First aid training to deal with minor wounds
  6. Distribution of free medication where required
  7. Identifying remote regions outside the Kathmandu area, where relief aid is not reaching the people and setting up a medical team to run daily medical camps in these areas.
  8. Working with local tradesman and suppliers to get quick and easy access to essential items, such as; tents, non-perishable food supplies, water, medication, sanitation equipment and temporary accommodation setup.
  9. Setting up langar facilities in the main Gurdwara in Lalitpur, Kathmandu that provides two hot meals a day.
  10. Coordinating relief efforts with Nepalese Army to get aid and supplies to areas affected by earthquake where our team were unable to reach due to hazardous driving conditions.
  11. Transporting goods mentioned above from India to effected regions in Nepal when local and further resources and supplies were exhausted.
  12. In conclusion the Nepal Disaster Coalition team helped over 100,000 people with their basic day to day needs throughout our entire six month operation in Nepal

Medium/Long Term Achievements

Our volunteers in Nepal are undertook a scoping exercise to identify a range of ‘worst hit’ villages and/or small towns that that suffered extensively in the aftermath of the earthquake.

The Relief then launched a support project that will look to rebuild homes across these worst hit villages. We also set up communal bathroom and shower facilities in each district we worked in. We are please to announce that we successfully completed what we set out to do and built 200 houses across the following villages: –

Gorkha District: –

  1. Village Nepali Tole
  2. Village Kowle.
  3. Village Majathar.
  4. Village Thalla.
  5. Village Sawlre.
  6. Village Thothneri.
  7. village Gamang.
  8. village Gordha.
  9. village Deudhara.
  10. village Bandul.
  11. MahedraJyoti
  12. Sindhupal


The houses we have built were not ‘sticks and roof shelter’, but houses using a solid concrete foundation, with solid wooden frames and metal sheets to withstand adverse weather conditions. Each property has solid doors and windows to ensure safety and security for its inhabitants.


Shree Setidevi Panchakanya Higher Secondary School

A visit was also made to a local school, which had suffered extensive damage due to the earthquake. The school was without power and basic electricity and children were being taught in makeshift shelters in outside the building. The school principal expressed an urgent need for generators so the children’s education did not become disrupted due to the lack of power and on-going power cuts all important IT lessons will being cancelled. A recent government scheme had donated 12 computers to further the children’s education and the computing course initiative had also come to a halt.

As a result two inventors with four batteries were installed in the building courtesy of Sikh Relief so that light bulbs, computers, and fans were still able to work and to minimize description that was already caused to the children and teachers post earthquake


Children’s Orphanage Revamp, Extension and security

This is one of the final projects we have recently completed.  It is a small Nepalese Orphanage where over 50 children are residing, their kitchen was tinyand the staff couldn’t cope with the lack of facilities and inadequate living conditions so with an entire revamp was done, which included a kitchen extension than now is quadruples the original size.

The walls and livings conditions of the orphans were very damp and depressing and children were sleeping on wooden board with thin blankets on top for comfort. The coalition team also provided the orphanage with, new beds, mattresses, blankets, toys and clothes for all the children. Out team also painted all the bedrooms in bright vibrant colours.

The Team also erected and painted a proper boundary around the entire building with security gates because there is a alarmingly high rate of child trafficking in Nepal in the wake of earthquakes and there was no way of securing the building and staff and the orphans were worried.

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