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Panjab Flood Relief Continues…

March 18, 2020

Disenfranchised children supported…

27 children of flood-affected families who were no longer able to afford the expense of their children’s education have had their schools fees paid by Sikh Relief.

The families of Ghata Mandi, district Jalandhar had witnessed their entire crops fail as a result of the deliberate actions of flooding Panjab by the Bhakra Beas Management Board decision to release waters.

Although Sikh Relief had created a system to repair the land, distribute seeds and replace their ability to produce a living for themselves, it will be some time yet before they are able to earn their financial rewards for their labour beyond feeding their families.

It is with the great blessing of the Almighty Giver of Life and Breath that Sikh Relief has been able to assist and save the education of these beautiful children, our benti to the Guru Pyari Sadh Sangat Ji as always is to continue supporting us today for a better tomorrow for all always.