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Shaheed Bhai Gurmej Singh Ji’s little heirs need immediate support

July 13, 2021

Bhai Gurmej Singh Ji attained Shaheedi 2nd February 1989 leaving his young family in the hands of the Panth. We urge the Panth to remember the sacrifice of our Shaheeds and recognise our collective responsibility toward the future of our Quom.

Today his young grandchildren are part the next generation of Sikhs battling poverty and require help for enrolment in their respective classes, little Gurnoor Singh 1st class and young Puneet Kaur 3rd class, aged 6 and 9 years respectively.

Shaheed Bhai Gurmej Singh Ji’s family have struggled and have now arrived at this most difficult time without options nor avenues to support the education of their young due to Covid-19 restricted their ability to earn.

Nations are built by and exist only by the Grace of Waheguru and heart of their community, we humbly ask the Guru’s Gracious Sangat Ji to help support the future of these innocent children, gifting them the opportunity to help themselves by donating toward their school costs.

With folded hands we ask that you them support today for a better tomorrow.