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Sikh Relief supports Balraj Singh

May 30, 2021

Aggressive missionaries using poverty, desperation and eventually intimidation to convert Panjabi’s to Christianity
~ 10th grade Balraj Singh stands firm on Sikh ideals and values

“I want to study in the Sikh style but I need your support for my fees” says young Balraj Singh, a proud Gursikh child from an extremely underprivileged family. His family has had first hand experience of the tactics employed by Christian missionaries to use poverty as leverage to convert struggling families.

Balraj Singh’s family converted and were intimidated by Christian missionaries convert him to Christianity also. The family however made it clear that “our child loves Sikhi”.

The circumstances around Balraj Singh are not an anomaly but the standard operating procedure of these predatory conversions. Yet Balraj Singh concentrated on his studies, focussed on his faith and received his Guru’s Gracious Kirpa to pass his 10th with very good marks.

Its now important for us to help maintain Balraj Singh’s success and highlight his achievement as an example to others struggling to study and having their faith in the House of Guru Nanak being exploited.

We request the Guru’s Gracious Sangat Ji to help fulfil the duty of us all to help the families who keep their faith in Sikhi even in the face of extreme poverty. Help us alleviate the hunger and provide higher education to the children of such poor families so that they may succeed in providing foe their own families, society and the Sikh community.

Please support today for a better tomorrow.