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April 10, 2014

Boosting the health and strength of our children 

Recent studies have shown high levels of contamination in ground water are causing DNA to mutate in the people of Punjab. Research has found that poisonous pesticides and heavy metals have entered the food chain, causing birth deformities, cancer and kidney damage. According to one study, 80% of ground water samples had mercury that was far beyond the permissible level and arsenic was found in 70% of ground water samples. Furthermore, blood samples collected from the people of Ludhiana, Amritsar, Jalandhar and Nawanshahr showed that, in 65% of cases the DNA had mutated.

As Punjabi people we know only too well, the relationship between water and crops. Much the same, our bodies are made up mostly of water and we need water to function and to grow big and strong. With the well documented deterioration in drinking water quality, SOPW felt the need to improve the water our children are drinking everyday.

Therefore, we have started a new project to go house to house of each family we support and fit new water filters, which provide safe drinking water. As always, we cannot do this vital seva without your help, we will be bringing you regular updates and photos on this project.