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An appeal to help support Bhai Ajit Singh…

May 24, 2020

Paralysed by polio from 3 years-old…

Local village Granthi, 35 year old Bhai Ajit Singh, has been living with severe disability since childhood, but having the Guru’s infinite grace over his life he never lost heart nor faith. Married to Sukhbir Kaur, 34, has been a blessing, although she too tragically suffers from the paralysing effects of a childhood polio infection, they support each with warmth and love.

As difficult as life is for the beautiful couple and their completely able bodied 3 year old Son, they are preparing to welcome more blessings and grace in the coming weeks expecting their 2nd child.

The difficulties of their circumstances are compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak and the resultant restrictions on movement and the Divans of the Gurdwara. Struggling to make ends meet, both are striving hard to live life with dignity but require sincere help rather than sympathy.

Sikh Relief pledges to help Bhai Ajit Singh and Bhenji Sukhbir Kaur in any way we can, including with the immediate costs of the expected child, family sustenance and domestic welfare.

The circumstances of their illness is the will of The Almighty Giver of Life and Breath, we can neither treat nor cure it, but we can make their lives and existence dignified and comfortable.

We humbly request the shining light of the Guru’s Piyari Sadh Sangat Ji to support today for a better tomorrow.

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