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Bhai Harjit Singh Kala

January 29, 2020

Supporting Sikh Prisoners of Conscience…

Incarcerated in Patiala Central Jail for the past 17 years, Sikh Relief continues to support Bhai Harjit Singh Kala’s family through our financial assistance program and are proud to have been blessed with the seva of arranging the medical treatment of Bhai Sahibs wife, Bibi Preet Kaur.

It’s almost unbelievable but Bhai Harjit Singh has faced more than 100 cases across Panjab, Haryana among other places.

As per our mandate and responsibility we have also completed the restoration and repair of the family home which had become dilapidated due to Bhai Harjit Singh’s enforced absence, leaving no room that escaped leaking when the rains fell.

Sikh Relief is forever grateful to the Almighty Giver of Life and Breath to be blessed with Seva of maintaining the Chardikla of our Panthic Jujharu’s and offer our benti to the Guru Pyari Sadh Sangat Ji to continue supporting us today for a better tomorrow.
Sikh Relief.

Pls continue to help support us and donate at: www.justgiving.com/SikhRelief

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