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Fighting a False UAPA Case

February 9, 2022

Bhai Harbrinder Singh fighting to provide for his elderly mother’s grave health.
Falsely accused under India’s amended draconian UAPA act, Bhai Harbrinder Singh spent 3 years in prison before successfully being granted bail.
Yet with the case continuing to create the shadow of a guillotine above his head, Harbrinder Singh’s anguish is heightened by the epic fight for survival faced by his beloved 78 year old mother, Bibi Surinder Kaur, who desperately needs new knees despite suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure.
Due to her existing health conditions, Bibi Ji’s knees have gradually lost more and more functional use and rendered her completely bedridden for an extended period.
Bhai Harbrinder Singh was the sole breadwinner of the house and proudly responsible for his elderly parents.
His arrest is a natural injustice against an innocent man, yet the raging injustice of what his family is forced to endure in their enforced absence is barbaric. For 3 years on remand, innocent Harbrinder Singh was continually shifted from prison to prison, causing untold travel misery to his parents.
Doctors have given a medical opinion that states Bibi Surinder Kaur requires complete the knee replacement surgery. The cost of this procedure on both Mata Ji’s health and financial circumstances will be immense.
While Sikh Relief is actively providing for the legal defence and representation of Bhai Harbrinder Singh with the grace and generosity of the Guru Piyari Sadh Ji. We appeal with folded hands and humility for your support in providing the best medical assistance possible and help Bibi Surinder Kaur walk in freedom alongside her son once more.
Please donate what you can and help support today for a better tomorrow.

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