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Harvarinder Singh Needs Support to Earn an Honest Living through Kirat Kamai

February 17, 2022

Accused under UAPA and bailed to freedom after 3 years…

Arrested and charged under India’s draconian UAPA, Harvarinder Singh, along with several other youths have been living a genuine nightmare since 29th May 2017.

Sikh Relief has been responsible for Harvarinder Singh’s defence and legal representation. As such it is immensely joyful for us that today he finds himself surrounded by his loved ones and living once again among his family after being released on bail following almost three years of remand.

A father of two children, he has had to wait to be released before being able to enjoy the embrace of his children .

Now home, Harvarinder Singh needs everyone’s support to restart his Kirat Kamai and stand on his own two feet as soon as he can. Not wanting to be a burden he requires a hand up and not a handout to create his own business and provide for his children’s education and family welfare.

Sikh Relief will always stand with all Bandi Singhs with the blessings of the Guru and their pyari Sangat. We are certain that you will do your utmost to support Harvarinder Singh and help him reclaim the life almost snatched from him unnecessarily.

Please support Harvarinder Singh today for a better tomorrow.

Any member of the Sangat wishing to help the family directly should contact us on the following number: 0044 7889 050 687

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