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“He is innocent yet we have been denied our son for three and a half years.”

August 8, 2021

Innocent man’s family threatened with eviction.

So laments the mother of Bhai Jatinder Singh Goldy, who remains hidden from his loved ones behind prison walls, unable to support his family as they face financial hardship and ruin in his enforced absence.

Arrested and remanded to Amritsar Jail, Jatinder Singh is falsely accused of being involved in activities in support of the non-existent 2020 Referendum, while his family are subject to a 3 lakh 10 thousand demand by their landlord, who has given Bhai Goldy’s family 2 months to vacate their rented home.

Bhai Jatinder Singh’s father is paralyzed and bedridden, his younger brother and sister remain to be married and have had their education severely affected along with their chances of escaping poverty through learning, leaving only his mother to solve the daily problems facing them all every day just to eat.

We appeal to our Guru Piyari Sangat Ji to help the family of Bhai Jatinder Singh Goldy to stand in society with dignity and respect. To confirm to our Bandi Sikhs that their Panthic family understands and supports them in their dire hours of need. Giving them some comfort among the worries of being innocent and persecuted by the state for their consciences.

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