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Shaheed Bhai Ajit Singh Qadian’s family help continues

May 30, 2021

After 1978 the Sikhs were tortured and killed by the government of India under state policy.

Amritdhari families were selected and targeted for voicing their concerns against the government and their involvement in the genocide of the Sikhs.

Shaheed Bhai Ajit Singh Qadian, who was an Amritdhari Singh, also became a victim of government torture by the Punjab Police. After the police tortured him continuously, he left his home and was in hiding. During this time his father and father-in-law were arrested by the police and were tortured.

On October 4, 1992, Bhai Ajit Singh went home to take medicine. Unfortunately, he was arrested by the police and after being tortured was killed in an fake encounter. His body was not returned to the family