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Sikh Relief assist in Baljit Kaur’s Anand Karaj

May 13, 2021

Happiness returned to the home of Bhai Malkit Singh Meetu today as he was released from Ludhiana Jail. He returned home to attend and perform the duties of his father at the Anand Karaj of his sister Bibi Baljit Kaur, after Sikh Relief won a bail hearing that lifted the shadow of the draconian UAPA law from his shoulders for a moment.

Sikh Relief had successfully applied to the NIA Special Court at Mohali for his parole, which the court granted on condition that all expenses of the guards are covered by him and his family. The entire expenses were covered by Sikh Relief and he arrived home today, into the arms of his loving mother and family.

The entire Sikh Relief team congratulates Malkit Singh’s sister on her Anand Karaj, our prayers and the blessings of the Guru and their Piyari Sadh Sangat are with the lucky couple.

We thank the Sangat Ji for their support, as only with their continuous faith and determination can we shoulder the responsibility of Bandi Singhs and their families. We beg at the Charan of Guru Maharaj that they all keep supporting us as always.