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Sikh Relief supports Amarjit Singh Babbar’s family

May 22, 2021

As the family of Bhai Amarjit Singh Babbar watch the world move forward, its hard to imagine the pain of losing their son to state persecution. Since 1990 they have suffered the loss of a son and father, been brutalised by the intransigence of the state and a painful feeling of being forgotten by the Sikh Panth.

Martyred in a fake police encounter during the height of the present Sikh struggle, at a time when the dark shadow of Indian state sanctioned persecution of Sikhs enveloped the entire Panjab. Facing unprecedented measures for simply demanding the rights guaranteed to the state and people on the eve of what was promised as the glow of freedom and independence.

The state sanctioned atrocities claimed thousands of lives, innocent young people were killed and many were secretly cremated illegally. One of these young men was Bhai Amarjit Singh Babbar who had experienced a hideous program of police harassment, arrested and torture for no reason other than being a politically aware Sikh. Not content with the inhumane treatment of the young Singh, the notorious Panjab police would routinely harass his family and elders for asking his whereabouts and demanding due legal process.

Bhai Amarjit Singh Babbar was arrested for the final time by the police in 1990 and he subsequently became another of the thousands of fake police encounters of that genocidal era. Only after a long struggle were the family even informed that he had been martyred.

Bhai Sahib’s wife and two children are living a dignified life in the face of difficulties and circumstance today, the devastation caused by the politicised genocide at the time left the family without property and struggling to make ends meet.

Guru Piyari Sadh Sangat Ji it is with folded hands that we request your support to enable us to fulfil the duty of the Panth and help the families of the Shaheeds. Those who paid the ultimate price and sacrificed their lives for our nation to still exist today.

Please support Sikh Relief today for a better tomorrow.