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Taranbir Singh

May 22, 2021

Bhai Taranbir Singh was simply pursuing his dream, as many thousands of Panjabi’s before him, to earn enough money to establish financial security for his family in a foreign land as he arrived in Malaysia at the age of 24.

It was going well until he was arrested by Malaysian police in June 2019 and detained for 14 days at the request of the Indian authorities. Only by violating their own immigration laws were the Malaysian police able to hand over Taranbir Singh to the immigration police, detained for a further 45 days, Taranbir Singh was eventually deported to India.

Once deported to India, Taranbir Singh was first interrogated at the Delhi airport and then handed over to the notorious Panjab Police.

The family described how Bhai Taranbir Singh was remanded into the custody of the Panjab Police for 5 days remand after filing a false case under the Prevention of Illegal Activities Act (UAPA) and sent to Amritsar Jail where he remains until today.

Sikh Relief continue supporting Bhai Taranbir Singh’s family through these insufferable times. We do this only with the grace of the Guru and his beautiful Sangat, we humbly request you continue to bless us to deliver this seva to the Panth.